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If you are a next-gen looking to learn more about impact investment, and….

You’re looking for an event which will give you an inspiring introduction to the worlds of philanthropy and impact investment: 

→Attend a NEXUS Summit

→Apply to NEXUS’ Impact Society, a cohort model type virtual program connecting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social innovators.

You’re looking for a comprehensive training program on impact investment

→Look at CSP’s Next-Gen Impact Investment Program

 If you are a wealth manager looking to learn more on impact investing: 

→Read more about CSP’s Wealth Management Course.


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If you are a deploying investor and you want more support on investment and meet other impact investors, 

Join Toniic as a member

Join The ImPact as a member

Impact Investment Tools: 

Toniic Tracer, a platform that enables investors, entrepreneurs, and funds to share and compare data about impact investments, along with corresponding goals, performance, and outcomes. ,

Toniic GUST, a platform for dealflow sharing 

Toniic’s 100% Network  

Toniic’s Impact Terms

Toniic Tracer

Toniic Resource Center

Educational support: 

CSP’s Research

Toniic’s Activator Series

Katapult Nordic Impact Investing  Academy

If you are a wealth manager looking to learn more on impact investing, read more about CSP’s Practitioner’s programs. 

Regional support

CSP Singapore 

CSP North America

Nordic Impact Investing Network


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Are you an entrepreneur looking for an accelerator program?

Look at these Accelerator Programs:
→ BMW Foundation’s RESPOND Accelerator Program

→Katapult Accelerator Programs

– Climate
– Africa
– Ocean

NEXUS Impact Accelerator Program

Want to attend a ‘festival like conference’ on impact tech?
→ Attend Katapult Future Fest in Oslo!

Interested in how systems change can be achieved on a city level?
→ Dive into BMW Foundation’s RISE Cities Programs

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