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BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

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The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is an independent corporate foundation whose activities contribute to the mission and social responsibility of BMW Group. The BMW Foundation promotes responsible leadership and inspires leaders worldwide to work towards a peaceful, just and sustainable future. Through its activities, the Foundation aims to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

It encourages leaders to take their social and political responsibility to the next level. To that end, it INSPIRES leaders, providing them with a platform for personal and professional development, and CONNECTS them, across nations, regions and sectors, through the global Responsible Leaders Network. The third interdependent component of its work is to INVEST in initiatives and organizations seeking to address humanity’s social, political and environmental challenges.

Our work advances through three main areas:


We invite selected leaders to our leadership programs to reflect on, consider, and change their perspectives, emphasizing our responsibility to the common good.


We cultivate a global network of Responsible Leaders to empower each other, exchange ideas, pool resources, and collaborate towards a greater positive impact.


We aim to contribute to a transformation of our economic and financial systems. To this end, we identify, activate, connect, and support leaders and organizations who are contributing to systemic change.

We develop and curate on-site and virtual leadership gatherings (like Denkraum, Responsible Leaders Tables, Responsible Leaders Lab, etc.) to inspire, activate and support leaders and innovative ideas. In addition, we catalyze and support networks and intermediaries which help to advance on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to build ecosystems and coalitions around paradigms like impact investing.

Next to being a founding member of the Coalition for Impact and hosting its secretariat, we support venture philanthropy networks worldwide (EVPA, AVPN, AVP and LatImpact), and we are member of Toniic, hosting various of their events and contributing to scaling Toniic in Asia. In addition, we promote researches at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP – University of Zurich) and collaborate with Nexus via our Responsible Leaders Network in several countries and regions. Finally, we are partnering with Katapult on several activities like the Katapult Future Fest.

Through our new BMW Foundation Accelerator program RESPOND, operated by UnternehmerTUM, and launched in January 2020, we provide support to founders and entrepreneurs during their journey towards a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future. The program  provides entrepreneurs with mentorship and training, communications guidance, and an introduction to the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network and partners.