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Toniic is the global action network for deeper impact investing for private asset owners. It’s members consist of more than 375 high net worth individuals, family office, and foundation asset owners who are deepening their impact across the spectrum of capital and personal resources in more than 25 countries around the world. Toniic’s vision is a world in which all investments honor the planet and its inhabitants. Our mission is to to catalyze deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital.

Toniic’s membership offering has four pillars: Education, Community, Investment Opportunities, and Impact Support. For Education, we offer the Toniic Activator Series, a multi-year, comprehensive, high-level online introduction to the multi-asset class portfolio approach to values-aligned and impact investing. For Community, we offer both online and in-person events around the world, from intimate dinners to our signature Annual Global Gathering of our world-wide community. For Investment Opportunities, we curate and present for co-investment impact funds we believe will be interesting to our members, and we invite members to present direct deals in which they have invested or are investing. For Impact Support, we also offer a series of tools and frameworks useful to active impact investors, in particular a software platform called Tracer that helps investors align their portfolios with their values, using best practices in impact measurement and management. More than half of our members have also joined our 100% Network, a subgroup which has committed to 100% portfolio activation.

Toniic also provides public goods through two philanthropically supported programs, T100 and Impact Terms. T100 is a study of the progress of 100%ers towards full deployment. Toniic collects the data, now through the Tracer platform, normalizes and analyzes it, and shares it with CSP for academic analyis. Impact Terms is a library of innovative impact terms and structures for those seeking to create new structures and deals structured better for deep impact.

BMW Foundation and Katapult are Toniic members, and we work together with them in content programming. BMW Foundations supports Toniic’s expansion in Asia. Nexus and Toniic have many members in common. Toniic strongly supports the c4i mission to drive the transformation of the financial system.