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Activator Curriculum

The Toniic Activator Series is a online training that provides a systematic overview of the portfolio approach to impact investing The goal of the series is to give those new to impact investing (and possibly even investing generally) the basic tools they need to start deploying a portfolio, the group support they need along the way, and pointers to the many resources available. The course consists of 54 hours of online instruction and group work over the course of three years.

Investment Opportunity Platform

The Toniic Investment Opportunity Platform matches impact investors with potentially relevant co-investment opportunities according to their interests. The primary filters used for matching is Toniic’s Impact Theme Framework, which is tied to the SDGs. Opportunities include both impact funds and enterprises.

Catalyst Cohorts

Catalyst Cohorts are groups of Toniic Members working together on specific mechansims of systemic change. Focus areas currently include the financial system, the food system, and ocean health.

Toniic At Large Meetings

Toniic hosts regular member meetings in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. These meetings provide opportunities for active impact investors to meet and connect with other investors at their stage, share strategies, hear from experts, and get support with frameworks and tools. Key sessions are livestreamed to members not attending live.

Toniic Tracer Platform for Investors

Toniic Tracer is a web-based platform that enables investors, entrepreneurs, and funds to share data about impact goals and outcomes. Investors using Toniic Tracer can express the impact intentions of their investments and receive unique insights on both the goals and performance of their portfolio.

Toniic Tracer Platform for Issuers

Toniic Tracer is a web-based platform that enables investors, entrepreneurs, and funds to share data about impact goals and outcomes. Fund managers and entrepreneurs can educate current and prospective investors about their social and environmental impact objectives, and report impact performance to investors.

100% Network Meetings

The 100% Network is a Toniic subgroup of principal asset owners committed to pursuing positive net impact across all of their investable wealth and their lives. Members must be committed to deploying 100% of investments across asset classes in at least one portfolio towards deeper positive net impact. Members also explore personal transformation and relationship to wealth in a confidential setting, and contribute data to Toniic’s T100 Project, a longitudinal study of the journey of 100%ers towards full deployment.

T100 Project and Public Diirectory

A series of reports chronicaling the journey of 100%ers towards full deployment. These reports provide evidence and inspiration for those considering a committed approach to impact investing but facing obstacles in deployment. The Toniic Public Diirectory is a database of more than 1,500 impact investments across asset classes made by Toniic members and Toniic partners, searchable on multiple dimensions as example investments in every asset class, impact theme, and SDG. Accessible at

Impact Terms Platform

A free, expert-curated encyclopedia and how-to guide for entrepreneurs, investors, and impact professionals, at It offers a platform for newcomers to impact enterprises to learn and evaluate structures; a forum to build investor/investee consensus around “neutral” terms; and examples of mission preservation as commercial investors come into later stage investments. Its goal is to lower the cost of deal negotiation and documentation, speed the conclusion of transactions, and increase the velocity of capital deployment.


Online social network for Toniic members.

Research and Publications

Excellence in research lays the foundation of CSP. The knowledge produced by the research team can be divided into two pillars: academic research and practitioner research. Projects and collaborations built on these two pillars enable long-term and real-world impact.

The research team of CSP focuses on, for example, investment impact, climate risks, microfinance, investor preferences, and the role of banks and advisors in steering investments toward impact. The academic track produces in-depth analysis with the highest standards and aims to publish in leading academic journals.

The applied research conducted by CSP answers critical contemporary questions relevant for experts, decision-makers, and policy specialists. The project-based work provides ready-to-use recommendations, industry insights, and timely overviews.

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IRI/CSP Impact Investing for the Next Generation Program

The nuts and bolts

The IRI/CSP Impact Investing for the Next Generation program is tailor-made to support next gens who wish to explore impact investing for their own and family’s portfolios. This is a program for those who want to move toward impact, be part of finding solutions, and invest like it means something.

What: Impact investing training led by the Initiative for Responsible Investment at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth at the University of Zurich.
When: Program consists of two 3-day on-site trainings first in Boston and then in Zurich. Online participation is possible.

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My Impactful Life Personal Development Program: Integrate purpose and maximize net positive impact

Impact starts with you

The My Impactful Life personal development program is designed for participants and alumni of our IRI/CSP program who desire to amplify their impact with personal transformation. The program consists of one-on-one sessions in which participants get to know themselves on a deeper level, work towards the best version of themselves, and make progress on their most pressing issues. These issues can range from, for example, overcoming limiting beliefs and crystallizing your purpose to dealing with family dynamics.

What: Personal Development Program led by Britta Gruenig Castelli, Personal Development Program Lead at CSP.
When: Applications accepted on a rolling basis. All sessions held online.

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Impact Portfolio Accelerator Program

Make it happen

The program gives you the tools to develop and implement a portfolio strategy based on your risk profile as well as the risk-return and liquidity characteristics of different asset classes. The program dives into the investment geographies, styles and impact themes you are most driven for. It helps you make your strategy reality.

What: Training consisting of 3 modules that give you what you need to start implementation.
When: Modules run from September 2020 to March 2021. Online participation is possible.

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Sustainable Investing in Wealth Management

Align your team

Navigating an uncharted territory with confidence is all about having an aligned crew. The Sustainable Investing in Wealth Management training organized for family office staff and private bankers ensures that you are all on the same page, speak the same language, and aim for the same change.

What: Sustainable Investing in Wealth Manger training for family office and private bank staff as well as investment advisors held online and in Zurich.
When: Online cohort in June 3-5, 2020. On-site Zurich cohort in November 5-6, 2020.

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Impact Investing & Blended Finance for Development Agencies & Foundations

Align your team

Using philanthropic funds more effectively and mobilizing private investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is a question gaining increasing momentum as the 2030 deadline draws near. The approach that tackles these questions heads-on is blended finance.
The Impact Investing & Blended Finance training held in Zurich brings foundation experts, project and program managers from development agencies, and professionals from public or multilateral organizations together for a deep-dive into a methodology that has the keys to maximize impact. This is a training your foundation staff should not miss.

What: Impact Investing & Blended Finance 3-day training held in Zurich.
When: September 9-11, 2020.

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Introductions and deep dives to sustainable and impact investing

Maximise your impact

All paths are different. For us at CSP it is key that everyone is able to enter the discussion on their own terms. Striving impact investors usually first get to know us through in-house workshops or trainings. These trainings and workshops take place across continents. So far we have trained impact champions in, for example, Singapore, Copenhagen, and Amman. Workshops are also provided online.

Furthermore, we run Impact Investing Excursions designed for current and future private impact investors. These excursions give impact champions the opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial landscape of the given context, meet potential investees, and get hands-on and fun insights into what impact means on the ground.

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Wealth Owner Alumni Weekend

Annual reunion weekend to meet old and new friends, discuss key topics, network, share experiences and have fun. Open to the 130+ alumni of the IRI/CSP Impact Investing for the Next Generation Program

Future Fest Investor Day

In person gathering for investors. Education and peer-peer learning to support the movement of more capital into impact investing.

Nordic Impact Academy

Educational content for asset owners, asset managers and advisors. Virtual webinars and in person seminars delivered in partnership with Karim Harji, Rockerfeller Philanthropies + other impact investors and practictioners

Responsible Leaders Network

Cross-Sectoral, global network of leaders committed to building a peaceful, just and sustainable future on the basis of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Leaders Formats

We invite those leaders to participate in our Responsible Leaders Forums to jointly reflect on their role as leaders, share their experiences and expertise, and learn from each other. For mutual inspiration and networking offers great potential for change.


Please feel free to contact The Coalition for Impact directly regarding a tailored solution for you and your company.